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The New Year’s Resolution That Will Keep on Giving January 13, 2016

With the arrival of the New Year, many people have set resolutions to better themselves and their lives. Next to getting fit and staying healthy, improving personal finances has also made most people’s lists.  If you are one of those...

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3 Key Steps for Avoiding the Tax Rush this Season January 12, 2016

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who file their taxes frantically at the very last moment, then you should strongly consider taking a different approach this year. By avoiding the rush and taking preparatory steps to file your...

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5 Steps to Help Avoid a painful IRS Tax Audit January 08, 2016

In the average year, the IRS audits approximately a million and a half American taxpayers. While this may seem like a massive number, the reality is that this represents only about 1% of those who file taxes. However, for those 1% of Americans...

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2016's Best Credit Cards for Excellent Credit January 01, 2016

By consistently making your monthly payments on time and taking a responsible approach to your personal finances, your credit score will steadily climb until you have excellent credit. Having a high credit score will open many doors and...

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Top Three Secured Credit Cards of 2016 January 01, 2016

If your applications for credit cards are routinely denied because of a low or non-existent credit score, try applying for a secured credit card. These cards require you to make a deposit with the card issuer, or to set aside a security deposit...

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