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8 Ways to Combat Rising Holiday Credit Card Debt November 17, 2016

Giving and sharing is what the holiday season is all about. It feels good when you share a gift with loved ones and friends that bring joy, tears and happiness. Many folks don’t like to think about the price of these wonderful emotions...

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Your 2016 Guide To Shopping Black Friday November 07, 2016

Black Friday is nearly upon us, and if you plan on shopping on the busiest retail day of the year then do yourself a favor and come prepared. If you’ve shopped on Black Friday in the past then you know that having an idea of what you want...

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How To Shop Like A Millennial This Holiday Season November 04, 2016

Holiday shopping is here, and just like in years past we’re seeing old traditions fade away and new traditions come alive. The fact that less people, especially Millennials, are using retail stores is certainly not breaking news. But if...

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Holiday Travel Made Easier November 02, 2016

If you’re among the tens of millions of Americans travelling by air during the holiday season, then you’ve either bought a ticket or are sweating bullets because you’re waiting for whatever reason. There are many considerations...

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Should I Rent or Should I Buy? October 19, 2016

If you’re a millennial then you’ve given some thought about whether you want to rent or buy the next place you live in. With so much to consider it’s hard to break it all down. After all, questions like, when is a good time for...

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Credit Card Ratings

Excellent Credit 8.25% - 23.24%
Good Credit 12.24% - 25.24%
Fair Credit 15.65% - 24.99%
Bad Credit 15.65% - 24.99%
Limited Credit 17.64% - 24.99%
Air Miles 18.66%
Cash Back 18.83%
Gas Rewards 19.99%
Low Apr 16.80%
Air Miles 12.24% - 23.24%
Cash Back 8.25% - 25.24%
Gas Rewards 13.24% - 23.24%
Low Apr 8.25% - 23.24%
Balance Transfer 11.24% - 24.99%

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