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Cell phone and credit card

Five Tips to Increase the Security of Mobile App Payments

By: Team
It seems that new stories regarding consumer data breaches explode in the media almost every week, from T-Mobile to Blue Cross Blue Shield and more.  These security compromises leave many mobile users asking, “Is it safe to use my phone to make... Read More...
Mobile banking

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

By: Team
Over the past few years, American consumers have come around to the advantages of mobile banking in record numbers. Recently, a major milestone was achieved when a majority of Americans reported that they use some form of mobile banking.... Read More...
Double exposure man

What to Expect from Android Pay

By: Team
The time has come for Android users to finally rejoice. It has been almost a year since Apple Pay debuted, but now Google is working on its version of the mobile payment system, which is referred to as ‘Android Pay’ for now. Based on Android’s... Read More...
Free wifi

5 Tips To Protect Your Mobile Credit Card Data

By: Team
These days, it seems like we are constantly hearing about identity theft and security breaches. According to an Identity Fraud Study conducted by the Javelin Strategy & Research, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million U.S. customers last... Read More...
Apple pay

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay

By: Team
Last year, Tim Cook announced a revolutionary feature that would be included in all new iPhones. Since then, it has been enhanced several times with the launch of the Apple Watch and iOS9. This feature was promised to change the way you shop... Read More...
Chase mobile app

What to Expect from the Chase Freedom® Mobile App

By: Team
Everyone loves saving money, and the new Chase Freedom® Mobile App makes doing so easier than ever for Chase Freedom® Cardholders.Understanding the AppMost people have rewards and coupons for each of the stores they shop at. The problem... Read More...