Capital One® Secured MasterCard®

The following table shows the features, rates, and other key data for the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® offer in Bad Credit offers. These terms are updated on a daily basis by the database. If you wish to apply for the card, you may do so securely on its official website by clicking the Apply Now button below:
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  • Build credit with responsible use
  • Regular reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Your security deposit can get you a line up to $3,000
  • You may qualify for a credit line increase based on your payment history and creditworthiness
  • Build a financial foundation you can stand on with a card that gets you started
  • Use it like any MasterCard credit card, accepted at millions of locations worldwide
Intro APR Purchases Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
N/A N/A 22.9% Variable* $29* Limited Credit*
Intro APR Purchases N/A*
Intro APR Balance Transfer N/A*
Regular APR 22.9% Variable*
Annual Fee $29*
Credit Needed Limited Credit*

Credit Score Needed

Capital One® Secured MasterCard® is generally for people with Limited Credit, though other factors besides credit score can also determine whether a particular application is accepted. See more Bad Credit offers.

Most Helpful User Review

Commented at May 5, 2013

I don't usually leave comments, but I hope this helps someone in need. 10 months ago, I had no idea how credit worked and how important it is to establish it. For some reason, I was consistently denied by various credit card companies, including department stores. I had no hope.

Then I came across this secured card, I remember checking my score and it was estimated to be 550 (yeah, that's crap).

Now its been 10 months, $200 limit, no missed payments; my score is 669 with equifax and 680 with transunion. To top it off, I went to my bank (BofA) and was approved for credit card with a $2500 limit.

I have this secured card to thank for getting me started. I see a lot of people complaining about not being able to get the $200 back. I say, forget the $200 bucks, Capital One can keep it. The credit score increase has been invaluable as it literally jump started me to be able to do what I need in the future.

Review by Anonymous

User Reviews

Average Rating: 7.2 out of 10 based on 942 user ratings.
Commented at Sep 15, 2014

I was trying restablish my credit but didn't want to do a secured card, but then I cam across this card.  After making my pmts on time, they raised my limit without me doing another deposit.  I recommend this card for anyone trying to build their credit.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Sep 14, 2014

I applied for this card about 30 days after my chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged.  I was approved for a $200 (with $200 deposit).  The yearly fee is low at $29.  Yes the interest is high... but if you pay off your balance every month interest doesn't apply to you.  If you don't pay your balance every month then you probably don't need a credit card anyway. 

Review by kceast
Commented at Sep 9, 2014

I applied for this card almost exaclty a year ago. I made a decision it was time to fix my credit, as I made some dumb mistakes when i was younger.

I kept getting denied for real cards, and that hurts your credit as well so I bit the bullet and deposited $500.00 into this card. I was given, a $600 credit limit I believe.

Every month I put some money on it, and I made sure it wasnt more than I can pay in full. Soon, offers started coming in, but I ignored them and kept with just this one card. I am happy to say, I was approved for more than one card, WITH rewards! My limit isn't tooooooooo high, but I know if I keep making the payments it will get better.

I plan on keeping it open, just so I can have the credit history and  I know i have an extra $500.00 laying around if I need it.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Aug 25, 2014

As part of my New Years resultion I decided I was going to pay down/off any remaining debts and also start working on my destroyed credit. CK recommended I try this card, and while skeptikal about using a securd card with High APR I took a chance. I was approved for the $200 limit and used it soley for minor purchases that I knew I could have easily just paid cash/debit card for. In June, my score was at 599 from the 530 I started at. I paid an extra $200 to bring my CL up to $400 that months as well. At the end of August I noticed my available credit was now at $700. I guess low balances and ontime payments have helped as I got an additional $300 with out making any deposit. This also happen to be right after I became 100% debt free besides my normal monthly bills ( cell, insurance, etc) 

My CK score is still stuck @ 599 for the past 3 months, but I am hoping that to change and will keep working on maintaining better control over my finances and spending.

Review by Throttles83
Commented at Aug 24, 2014

I was getting denied left and right to any kind of credit.  I decided to appy for this card and got approved for $300.  I then deposited $2700 to make the credit limit $3000.  I waited for a year and didnt even use the card once and only paid the annual fee up front.  This card was basically my foundation to help me building my credit and because of it I have to capital one cards with a $3000 and $3500 credit limit.  A barclay with a $3300 credit limit, discover card with $1300 and a citibank card with $1400 limit.  My credit score is now a 684 and I owe it to this card for helping get my credit to a better spot. 

Customer service was very helpful and they gave me back every single penny without a hassle.

Thanks cap 1.

Review by itzl0so

Credit Limit

If approved for the card, the issuer will notify you of the credit limit on your card. Please see the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® for complete terms, conditions, and details of the offer.

+ This information is provided through a relationship with Credit Karma members have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. Please note that because other factors may affect credit card approval, these approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.