The following table shows the features, rates, and other key data for the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® offer in Bad Credit offers. These terms are updated on a daily basis by the database. If you wish to apply for the card, you may do so securely on its official website by clicking the Apply Now button below:
Capital One® Secured MasterCard® Apply Now
  • No annual fee, with all the credit building benefits
  • Unlike a prepaid card, it builds credit when used responsibly, with regular reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Your minimum security deposit gets you a $200 credit line
  • You may qualify for a credit line increase based on your payment history and creditworthiness with no additional deposit required
  • Easily manage your account 24/7 with online access, by phone or using our mobile app
  • It’s a credit card accepted at millions of locations worldwide
Intro APR Purchases Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
N/A N/A 24.9%* Variable $0 Limited Credit*
Intro APR Purchases N/A*
Intro APR Balance Transfer N/A*
Regular APR 24.9% Variable*
Annual Fee $0*
Credit Needed Limited Credit*

Credit Score Needed

Capital One® Secured MasterCard® is generally for people with Limited Credit, though other factors besides credit score can also determine whether a particular application is accepted. See more Bad Credit offers.

Most Helpful User Review

Commented at May 5, 2013

I don't usually leave comments, but I hope this helps someone in need. 10 months ago, I had no idea how credit worked and how important it is to establish it. For some reason, I was consistently denied by various credit card companies, including department stores. I had no hope.

Then I came across this secured card, I remember checking my score and it was estimated to be 550 (yeah, that's crap).

Now its been 10 months, $200 limit, no missed payments; my score is 669 with equifax and 680 with transunion. To top it off, I went to my bank (BofA) and was approved for credit card with a $2500 limit.

I have this secured card to thank for getting me started. I see a lot of people complaining about not being able to get the $200 back. I say, forget the $200 bucks, Capital One can keep it. The credit score increase has been invaluable as it literally jump started me to be able to do what I need in the future.

Review by Anonymous

User Reviews

Average Rating: 7.6 out of 10 based on 1238 user ratings.
Commented at Aug 28, 2015

I hate that we have to close the credit card in order to receive our money back. for that reason im going to open another secured card that will allow me to get my money back and use theirs. im still going to use capital one but when its time for me to need my money back i want it back and im closing the account. the other card i'll have will be the same age so i'll be good on the age of my account history.

Review by theDenise
Commented at Aug 28, 2015

I've been using the card to rebuild my credit and it has increased. After 7 months of use they increased my credit limit by $300 which I didn't know they did for secured cards. It's been a great card to have.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Aug 27, 2015

Opened card in Feb 2015. Paid 300 deposit. Paid bill ontime monthly, but I did leave a balance of 20-30% for billing. (That way it showed I was using it and paying it on my credit report) 6 months later I received 300$ increase with no deposit required for my ontime payments. Credit score is going up I couldnt be happier. I have used the online chat with customer service twice, to ask questions and they have been extremely pleasant with little to no wait time. I would recommend this card to anyone who is rebuilding credit. But before you go starting your account with a large deposit (ive read some people opening with thousands of dollars) Keep in mind in order to get your deposit back you have to close the account which will affect your credit. 

Review by Ericuda
Commented at Aug 27, 2015

After numerous research on credit cards, this was the company that allowed me a 2nd chance of rebuilding credit after many declines of other credit card companies. I was approved in the end of February. Received $300 credit line from a $49 deposit. After 6 months of responsible use, I didn't want to wait to see whether they will increase my credit limit, so I requested it online during the beginning of August and they approved me for a $500 credit line increase immediately. Just yesterday I decided to check my account, and I noticed they bump my credit limit another $500. So I went from $300 to $1300 without making any additional deposits. My credit score is slowly coming back up and am very pleased with the results.

I know people are complaining about not being able to graduate to a unsecure card, but you should realize this card was meant for rebuilding credit. You always have an option to apply for better cards in the future. I am planning on keeping this card, probably towards the end of the year I will apply for the Quicksilver Visa Signature card and a Discover card to continue rebuilding. Love the credit tracker as it keeps you informed on how well you're doing. Although the credit tracker, Credit Karma, & Credit Sesame are not all accurate on your true score, it's still nice to have something to go by. 

Review by bl6ckr0s3
Commented at Aug 27, 2015

I have been looking for a way to start building credit for a while now since you need it for everything these days. I tried applying for various student cards that are supposedly easier to get, but I got turned down every time. I didn't have anyone to cosign for me, so that wasn't an option. I finally gave up and decided to go for a secured card. My first choice was Bank of America. Surprisingly they denied me a secured card for no reason. I had no credit whasoever, and nothing bad on my reports, just blank pages. After that I tried with US Bank, their page said my application needed further review so I waited a while. Never heard back from them (I did after a month or more), so I decided to finally apply for the Capital One secured card. Again, my application needed further review. After a few days I received a letter saying I had been approved with a $99 deposit! I was super happy, not only did I finally get approved for something but they actually gave me a partially secured card! The card reports fast to all 3 credit bureaus. They report on you statement creation date. So everything fine on that side. Why do I "hate" this card then? Well, to start  off it's not nice that they never unsecure your card. You either have to lose your deposit if you want to keep the card, or basically destroy the good credit history you built and start over again when you get an unsecured card, if you want to get the deposit back. Why can't they graduate their card? Who knows. Another thing that has been bugging me, and it really makes me want to close the account are their random holds. Every time I make a payment they place a hold on my account so even though I paid my available credit won't go up again until they remove the hold. These these holds can last 3 - 5 days. The amount of days the hold will be there is completely random and arbitrary. I contacted them to ask about the holds, why did were they placing them and when they would stop doing it. They didn't tell me why, and said that they couldn't say when the holds would stop, and that they didn't know of they would actually stop at some point. Overall, if you don't mind losing your deposit, and won't be using your card often, then go for it. It is a good card to build or rebuil credit. If you want to get your deposit back, and don't want them placing holds on your account then I recommend you go for another secured card like the US Bank secured card. 

Review by Larkowitz

Credit Limit

If approved for the card, the issuer will notify you of the credit limit on your card. Please see the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® for complete terms, conditions, and details of the offer.

+ This information is provided through a relationship with Credit Karma members have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. Please note that because other factors may affect credit card approval, these approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.