Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

The following table shows the features, rates, and other key data for the Capital One® Platinum Credit Card offer in Capital One offers. These terms are updated on a daily basis by the database. If you wish to apply for the card, you may do so securely on its official website by clicking the Apply Now button below:
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  • Start with no annual fee for the first year; $19 after that
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time
  • Fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen
  • Use online banking to access your account - even from your smartphone with our mobile app
  • Pay by check, online, or at a local branch, all with no fee - and pick the monthly due date that works best for you
  • Get access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Start building for the future with features that can help you get there
Intro APR Purchases Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
N/A N/A 24.9% Variable* $0 intro for first year; $19 after that* Fair Credit*
Intro APR Purchases N/A*
Intro APR Balance Transfer N/A*
Regular APR 24.9% Variable*
Annual Fee $0 intro for first year; $19 after that*
Credit Needed Fair Credit*

Credit Score Needed

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card is generally for people with Fair Credit, though other factors besides credit score can also determine whether a particular application is accepted. See more Capital One offers.

Most Helpful User Review

Commented at May 22, 2012

I've had this card for almost 2 years and FOR WHAT IT IS, its an incredible asset! I started rebuilding my credit in 2008 with an HSBC secured card with a $200 CL. I never asked for a CLI because all I was doing was putting one tank of fuel on the card per month and then paying it off. This kept me at my 30% goal of utilization and showed a healthy habbit of paying off my debts each month. After a year my score jumped from a 608 to a 670, which is when i applied for this card. I was instantly approved for a $350 limit and enrolled into the Credit Steps program (make payments on time and get instant CLI, etc...) After one year my CL jumped up to $1250 and has recently doubled to $2500. I used this card for all of my grocery/dining out purchases and cleared the balance each month. My score has jumped from a 670 to a 730 (TU/EX)  and I now use a Cap One Venture  (Sig. Visa - $7500 CL) for all of my purchases to rack up miles/points towards travel. I still keep both this card and my HSBC in the wallet (HSBC has a great Credit Monitoring program that allows me to pull my report/scores once a month from all 3 CB with no HP) to keep the AAoA up and to remind myself of where i started and where i am today. 

For all of you complaining about this card having a high APR or a low CL you really need to understand that this card is a tool for people looking to rebuild their credit. If you want a high limit apply for a Visa Signature Card (Chase Saph, Venture, Citi Pref etc..) but you better have a great CS and a good history or you will be instantly denied. For everyone trying to re-build there credit Capital One is a great place to start!

Review by Yogi969

User Reviews

Average Rating: 7.6 out of 10 based on 336 user ratings.
Commented at Sep 5, 2014

I got approved for $300 credit limit with a score of 580. I have made 6 consecutive payments and my limit has went to $1,300 in 6 months! 

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Sep 5, 2014

Got the minimum credit line of $300, but that was bumped up to $500 6 months later. It's what they said would happen, and as such it's what I expected to happen. Their website is a bit clunky at times, but overall it's not terrible. I'm happy with the card and look forward to my next increase.

Review by wootroot
Commented at Sep 4, 2014

I messed up my credit while in college and started trying to get it back right last year by purchasing a secured credit card thorugh my local credit union bank...after about 3 months, I received an offer in the mail for this Capital One card...I went online and accepted the offer and got approved for a $300 limit. (my credit score was around 540/550). In my offer letter they told me if I used my card at least once in the next 6 months and made 5 on time payments, they'd increase it to $500...I did what was asked of me and they did raise it to $500...

My credit limit is still 500, which doesn't botter me b/c I only work part time and DO NOT want an increase in my limit. I like the customer service b/c whenever I have an issue, I can either send them an email or do online chat and they always take care of it! I plan to have this card til death do us part! lol

Review by GraceArie
Commented at Sep 1, 2014

Similar to some of the other reviews, i applied for a Capital One credit card. Mainly because I travel a lot and wanted to take advantage of the no international fees perk. Anyway, I applied in the Capital One 360 Cafe on Boylston Street in Boston. The people were quite nice, but in reality they didn't do anything i couldn't have just done from my personal computer.

They get the account setup for a debit and credit account and the cards are supposed to be in the mail. Easy, Fast, and In-Person. Well... not so much.

I got the cards, but couldn't activate the credit card. It was immediately tagged for "Fraud" since the address I applied with was not part of my credit report. I applied with a Chicago Address that i was moving to and explained this clearly to the agent when creating my account. She said it would be no problem.

Well turns out I need a Paystub, a Utility Bill, or a copy of my Bank Statement with my address (I moved in yesterday) within 96 hours or else my account gets caught in limbo forever. Not to mention that i already uploaded my Social Security Card, my Drivers License, my Bank Statement (With the old address), and a picture of the confirmation from the USPS confirming the change of address.

I have a salary job that pays twice monthly, so the first paystub i'll get with this address is in 3 weeks. I'm not changing my Bank of America account to this address because i'm subletting this space for a few months, and like most high-rise renters in most major cities in america, I don't pay utilities they're included with the assessments. Since I'm subletting I'm not the primary on the lease so Capital One wont accept that either.

I've called 12 times so far, spoken to 20+ people, always to meet the same scripted answer - "Without a Bank statement, pay stub, or Utility bill to confirm that address uploaded to our site in 96 hours your account will be locked out and cannot be changed"

Great Capital One - not only does your system/script make me out to be homeless, but also you've just negatively impacted my credit score for no reason.

All the while though, each person I spoke to has said that I can just go apply for another account with a different address (they want me to apply with an address I don't actually live at just to get around this rule). What terrible customer service, what a worthless establishment.

I recommend Chase or Citi - you might pay some fees, but your head won't be spinning.

The best part... the credit card didnt even have the new chipset security. No wonder Capital One has such a Fraud Issue.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Aug 28, 2014

I applied on 8/23/14 and was approved instantly for $3000 with a score of 651. I received my card today. What a feeling! I hit a rough patch after my divorce in 2010 now I feel like I'm on my way to credit rebirth!

Review by donnamarie71

Credit Limit

If approved for the card, the issuer will notify you of the credit limit on your card. Please see the Capital One® Platinum Credit Card for complete terms, conditions, and details of the offer.

+ This information is provided through a relationship with Credit Karma members have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. Please note that because other factors may affect credit card approval, these approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.