Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

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Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card Apply Now
  • Enjoy a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months, equal to $400 in travel
  • Earn unlimited 2X miles on every purchase, every day
  • Fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime
  • Travel when you want-no blackout dates
  • Miles don't expire and there’s no limit to how many you can earn
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No annual fee for the first year; $59 after that
Intro APR Purchases Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
N/A N/A 13.9%-20.9%* Variable $0 intro for first year; $59 after that* Excellent Credit*
Intro APR Purchases N/A*
Intro APR Balance Transfer N/A*
Regular APR 13.9%-20.9% Variable*
Annual Fee $0 intro for first year; $59 after that*
Credit Needed Excellent Credit*

Credit Score Needed

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is generally for people with Excellent Credit, though other factors besides credit score can also determine whether a particular application is accepted. See more Capital One offers.

Most Helpful User Review

Commented at Oct 11, 2014

 opened the Venture account at the beginning of 2014. So far I have earned 40,000 points and that does not include 20,000 initial spending bonus. You get 2 points for every dollar spent. The only catch is, that when you redeem your points for rewards you will get 1 dollar for each 100 points only if you redeem for travel related purchases. Having that said there are many options to choose from: airfare, trains, coach buses, hotels, car rentals. So if you like traveling you will have no problem to reddem your rewards and get basically 2% cash back value. If you choose an acoount credit or check yopu will get only 50 cents for 100 points.

I think it is a great card. I have Capital One Quicksilver and with it I never came close to rewards that I earned with Venture. I calculated that with the $59 annual fee you will earn more than with 1.5% cash back card if you will spend more than $11200 annually. On the top of it customer service is great. In one instance I was short 800 points to erase a $250 airfare purchase. The missing points were given to me  y customer service! The card is a Visa Signature which gives you some extra deals here and there and there is never any wait to connect to customer service representative.

As far as APR I really do not care about it cause I never carry a balance. If you cannot pay your balance in full you shoudn't be getting this card. Your rewards will quickly be eaten by interest.

Review by Anonymous

User Reviews

Average Rating: 7.6 out of 10 based on 57 user ratings.
Commented at Feb 13, 2015

Have Capital One Platinum with $300 CL, which is paid off and had another closed Capital One card with $500 also paid off recently. Applied today for Venture Rewards and approved for 10,000 CL but at 20.9%. Also have been approved recently (within last month) for Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature, Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Master Card, Discover it & Amex Blue Cash Everyday. This is it for me as applying for cards for a long time. Going to do some gardening with these and increase my CLs. My income is 60,000 and AAoA is 10 years. Been with capital One on older accounts for 5 years as well. CK had my approval chances as "fair" so if you have the requirements that I have or better, you should be approved for this card with a high CL.

Review by Slimdog27
Commented at Feb 11, 2015

I've really had only good experiences with this card so far. I was extended a great credit limit right off the bat, and the bonus paid for a major flight purchase. Since then, the reward rate at 2% is nearly unbeatable (without a bunch of hassle with categories or anything like that. Plus, they caught an instance of fraud on the account super quickly.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Feb 9, 2015

got appoved 10k with  my AAoA at 1.8 years and recent cc app spree done last year. locked in at 16.9% which is not to bad when compared to other cards i have (discover). i know this is not a prime card but i knew i would get a good limit which this card is my second highest limit coming in first with my amex gold premier rewards.

Review by KingBishop89
Commented at Jan 13, 2015

I've had this card for about 6 years, and have always been happy with it until recently. The customer service has decreased dramatically. I used to call and chat with someone whenever I had an issue and they were always super friendly and helpful, answered all of my questions and basically just talked to me like I was an intelligent human being.  Recently, there were some fraudulent charges made to my card, so I called customer service to have them reversed.  Capital One definitely took care of the charges, that was not the issue.  The issue was that the people that they have managing the call center now don't talk to you like you are a person - they read from scripts and do that obnoxious placating thing where they just repeat what you have just said as if they "understand" but really have no idea what you are actually asking them. It took me 3 phone calls, 4 representatives and an hour and half out of my work day to get this figured out. It was very frustrating. One of the things I really liked about this card was that it was so easy to talk to somone in customer service and have a real conversation. It's obvious that they have outsourced their call centers, which would be fine, except now the reps talk to you like a small child instead of an adult person.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Jan 8, 2015

I have had this card for a year now. I was initially approved for $5000 with a score of 720, I believe. I think my initial low credit limit had to do with my income averaging just above 40k. I increased my credit limit to $7000 after 6 months and to $9000 after one year. I don't remember what APR I got approved for. I always pay it in full anyway.

Since I got this card I don't use my debit card anymore. To maximize my rewards, I made Venture my every day expenses and bill pay card.

I have earned $682 in rewards during this first year. So the annual fee does not bother me at all. No other credit card, which I was using before, ever came close. That includes Capital One Quicksilver. My wife has Costco Amex and Chase Freedom. She was getting about $300 with Amex. Chase Freedom with rotating categories earned her very little, since she obviously was always forgetting to register for rewards every quarter. YES - if you consider Chase Freedom keep in mind that aside from the fact that you get rotating cheesy categories like Starbucks stores, movie theaters and hardware stores (how much can you spend there to earn decent cash back?), you will get NO rewards if you will fail to sign up every quarter.

Venture lets you pay for everything, everywhere. Jewelry, car down payment, new computer or flat screen TV or a trip to the other side of the globe - you name it. And virtually you can get 2% cash back value (only if you will redeem it towards travel related purchases). 

If you travel sometimes this card could be a great choice. The card has no foreign transaction fees and currency exchange rates are really good. During our trip to Europe last year it was actually better to use my Venture card instead of exchanging cash ahead of the trip or during it.  Who knew? I just made sure to pay in local currency every time and let Capital One apply exchange rate. I did not get a better exchange rate anywhere else - period.

Customer service is outstanding and I have never waited more than few seconds to get connected. 

In my opinion, the only card that can beat Venture is Citi Double Cash card, but keep in mind that Citi Double Cash has 3% foreign transaction fee. 

Review by Anonymous

Credit Limit

If approved for the card, the issuer will notify you of the credit limit on your card. Please see the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card for complete terms, conditions, and details of the offer.

+ This information is provided through a relationship with Credit Karma members have received approvals with these TransUnion New Account credit scores. Please note that because other factors may affect credit card approval, these approval metrics are only guidelines and approval is not guaranteed.