Sony Card from Capital One®

The following table shows the features, rates, and other key data for the Sony Card from Capital One® offer in Capital One offers. These terms are updated on a daily basis by the database. If you wish to apply for the card, you may do so securely on its official website by clicking the Apply Now button below:
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  • Earn 5,000 bonus points after first purchase in your first 90 days
  • 5 points per $1 at Sony Store and
  • 3 points per $1 on dining out and movie purchases
  • 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Redeem for Sony products, movies, music & more
  • 0% intro APR on purchases until February 2015, after that a variable 13.9% - 24.9% applies
  • No annual fee
Intro APR Purchases Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR Annual Fee Credit Needed
0%-until February 2015* N/A* 13.9%-24.9% Variable* $0* Excellent Credit*
Intro APR Purchases 0%-until February 2015*
Intro APR Balance Transfer N/A*
Regular APR 13.9%-24.9% Variable*
Annual Fee $0*
Credit Needed Excellent Credit*

Credit Score Needed

Sony Card from Capital One® is generally for people with Excellent Credit, though other factors besides credit score can also determine whether a particular application is accepted. See more Capital One offers from all credit card issuers.

Most Helpful User Review

Commented at Oct 28, 2012

i thought this would be a great card considering i love my sony playstation but finding out that i have to spend $3000 to earn enough points to buy a $20 video game i found out that the point system is bogus and not worth my time. i no longer use this card it sits unused in my wallet. the APR is also ver high nearly 20% thats way to high for any card

Review by ingersom1

User Reviews

Average Rating: 7.6 out of 10 based on 23 user ratings.
Commented at Apr 12, 2014

Well this card is awesome. I applied for the Playstation Store card but was sent this one...either way it works the same, just less points in the playstation store. While I don't shop I do use this card for the movies and entertainment alot. I love it. I already have enough points to redeem for some movies and stuff. If you do shop sony alot, I definitely recommend. The prizes for redemption are kind of cool. I really don't care what they are since they are technically free...anyhow this card is great

Review by cecehollis
Commented at Apr 5, 2014

I have been a Sony Card member for a long time (1999) prior to when Capital One purchased the cards (from Chase I think) as I used to buy exclusively Sony electronics back in the day; however, Sony products just don't excite me anymore.  The rewards that are offered on the SonyRewards site are not that great unless you like headphones, clock radios, digital cameras, flash drives, or watch blu-ray movies (who does that anymore?).  They also offer a few gift cards and AMC movie tickets, but nothing else that is too exciting.  Also, in order to earn 5x points at some retailers you have to send in a "bonus" application to get those points (they are not automatic, read the fine print first).  You do, however, automatically earn 3x points at all dining and movie establishments.  If you're a Sony fan, I guess this card would be for you.  I find the rewards limiting and would much rather use a cash rewards card that offers more flexibility in redeeming rewards points/dollars.

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Apr 4, 2014

I shop on the playstation store alot and use this for that and movies. It does take awhile to build up the rewards but I shop the store alot so mine are building with no prob. no annual fee and simple to use. I love it

Review by Anonymous
Commented at Feb 19, 2014

If you are looking for a decent credit card features 3% rewards in useful categories, you might notice there are no other cards offering 3% in Dinning other than this Sony Card. You might say Chase Sapphire Preferred, but that costs $95 annual fee and requires way higher credit score to apply.

I applied this card Dec 16, 2013, got instant approved for $500 and the worst APR at 24.9%. I have a Experian Fico 685 by the time I applied. The benefit is, I was awarded $200 statement credit after spending $500 in the first three months. That's a deal among almost all credit cards w/o annual fee!

In terms of Sony Reward points. I'm a photography enthusiast and I spend on average $2,000 a year on those gears and glasses. Sony has the best cameras in the market and I feel those reward points pretty valuable to me. You can also get 10% off the market price since you a Sony Card member, which also boosts the value of those points.

If you feel Sony points useless to you, then please do NOT apply for this card, but otherwise it's a decent card to have in your wallet to get 3% reward on dinning and movies, which you cannot get elsewhere for all year long.

Review by Chenbing
Commented at Feb 13, 2014

Many credit cards offer you more than 1% but the standard is 1%.   Yes you will earn a point for every dollar you spend but when you redeem it turns it into 0.7% - which is a terrible reward ratio.

For example a $25 gift card to a restaurant such as Maggianos should cost 2500 points (1%) but it costs 3500 points (0.7%).    Also, Sony does not pay $25 for the gift card, they pay less because they are promoting their restaurant and buying them in bulk.  3500 points should get you $35 worth of value in rewards at a minimum.  

Once I use up the majority of my points I will cancel.

Review by Anonymous

Credit Limit

If approved for the card, the issuer will notify you of the credit limit on your card. Please see the Sony Card from Capital One® for complete terms, conditions, and details of the offer.

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