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Top 5 Balance Transfer Credit Cards from our partners November 11, 2019

Move That BalanceYou've got large balances on your credit card (or cards) that carry a high annual percentage rate (APR). You're trying to catch up, but it's hard to make a dent in the balance when the interest...

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3 Great Sign-Up Bonus Cards For December 2019 November 01, 2019

Over the last few years, card issuers have continuously improved their credit card offers to stay competitive. A big portion of these improvements has been dedicated to the card's sign-up bonus, a reward you receive...

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02 card review bankamericard cash rewards credit card
Card Review: Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card November 01, 2019

Whether you only want one credit card or want several to maximize rewards, the may appeal to you with its everyday rewards combination. If you're already a loyal Bank of America customer, that loyalty could also net...

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11 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Air Miles August 11, 2019

Many people sitting in first class aren’t rich – they’re just smart spenders. Travel hackers know that credit card air miles programs are one of the easiest ways to score free plane tickets, hotel rooms as well as...

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How Many Credit Cards Should You Have? August 11, 2019

Does having multiple credit cards hurt your credit score? If you are like most people, your answer to that question is probably, “Of course it’s bad for your credit!” You imagine that, with every new card, your...

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