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11 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Air Miles

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Many people sitting in first class aren’t rich – they’re just smart spenders. Travel hackers know that credit card air miles programs are one of the easiest ways to score free plane tickets, hotel rooms as well as... Read More...
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How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

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Does having multiple credit cards hurt your credit score? If you are like most people, your answer to that question is probably, “Of course it’s bad for your credit!” You imagine that, with every new card, your... Read More...
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Great Credit Cards for Gas Rewards

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Credit cards are powerful financial tools that can save you a tremendous amount of money when used strategically. For example, by choosing a credit card with perks that are well-suited to your monthly budget, you’ll... Read More...
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The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Card Is Making A Big Splash

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Cash In When Going Out With The Savor Cash Rewards CardThe card is a fairly new contender in the premium credit card space that is quickly gaining popularity. The card has been upgraded from its previous offer and... Read More...

Card Review: First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard® Credit Card: A Good Option for Bad Credit

By: Team
Do you worry that you screwed up your credit so badly that you won't qualify for an unsecured credit card? Don't stress. Instead, look into the , an unsecured entry-level card with manageable limits and regular... Read More...

Card Review: Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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  The applies Capital One's general theme of simplicity regarding cash back rewards. The result is a great combination of relatively high rewards and few fees, packaged in a card that requires little management... Read More...
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Maximize Credit Card Rewards with a Small Business Card

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If you own one of the 28 million small businesses in America, you may be overlooking an easy way to generate passive income that doesn’t require you to change anything about how you operate:  a small business card... Read More...
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Card Review: Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

By: Team
The Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card offers best-in-market cash back rewards on restaurants and entertainment paired with an attractive signup bonus, making this card a tempting choice for the... Read More...
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How to Pick The Best Travel Rewards Card

By: Team
  Feeling jelly when you hear about people who traveled around the world - for next to nothing? Has one of your friends been gushing about how she flew to Hawaii and it didn’t cost her a cent? Are you wondering how... Read More...

Cash Back Credit Cards vs. Rewards Credit Cards

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So you're looking to put a new credit card into your wallet or purse. The good news is that there are dozens of credit card offers out there that can help you accomplish that goal. The bad news is many of them are so... Read More...
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How We Really Use Our Credit Cards

By: Team
You decide to participate in a government survey regarding your debt and credit card usage. Will you answer the survey questions honestly, or will you shade some of your answers when you're not proud of the truthful... Read More...

Getting A Credit Card Without A Social Security Number

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A Social Security Number (SSN) is one of the most basic forms of identification in the U.S. If you have no SSN or if you aren't eligible for one – for example, you are a recent immigrant to the U.S. – it can be... Read More...