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5 Tips On How To Travel Around The World For Less

5 Tips On How To Travel Around The World For Less

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• Updated: July 13, 2018

World travel is incredibly exciting, but for most people, it remains the stuff of dreams. The one thing that prevents most people from even attempting to travel is money. What if you were able to travel the world and not break the bank? Well, it is possible. Here’s how. Related: How to earn air miles before you start traveling

1. Pack Light

Pack outfits that can be mixed and matched. Only take what you need and put it all into one backpack that you will take as a carry-on. Do not check any bags. Most airlines will charge about $25 for one checked bag, but that could add up with the number of flights you take on a trip through Europe, for example. Ten different flights can add an extra $250 to your trip, and that is not counting if your bag is over the weight limit.

2. Visit Large Cities, Just Don't Sleep There

Thinking of going to Rome or Paris? Instead of Rome, try traveling outside of the city to places such as Tivoli, Anzio, and Genzano. It is expensive to stay in large cities, as the cost of living is much higher in those locations. Instead of staying in Paris, stay outside the city in places like Versailles, just a 30-minute ride by car or train. Staying outside the cities could save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention you'll get a more authentic experience of the culture. Keep Reading: 5 credit card tips for international travel

3. Talk To Locals

While traveling through the world, take time out to get to know some of the locals. They will be able to help you with numerous different things. Among these are sights to see that are well off the beaten path and do not come with an expensive tour guide. They can also help with information about local eateries and where to find the most inexpensive restaurants.

4. Avoid Peak Seasons

Do not travel during a peak season. Summer is expensive in ever travel destination, so try to plan a trip right before or right after. Holiday travel has become increasingly more expensive as well. Booking a flight during November and December can be very expensive. In addition to higher airfare, hotels will increase room rates due to high demand, and restaurants tend to have more expensive menus targeted for tourists. Traveling in off-peak seasons can save you a bundle.

5. Use A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Most people think travel rewards credit cards are meant to only be used while traveling, but you should be using it all year long. You will earn more points per dollar on travel expenses, but you can still earn on everyday purchases too. If you are able to, put all of your miscellaneous expenses on a travel credit card and in no time, you'll have enough for a free flight. Travel credit cards are very versatile and you can redeem the rewards on a plethora of travel related expenses, not to mention the perks like free upgrades, and free checked luggage (when applicable). Make sure your travel card comes with no foreign transaction fees, as that will save you a ton when traveling abroad. Keep Reading: 3 best air miles credit cards

6. Consider A House Swap

House swaps are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Consider finding someone in the area where you are traveling and swapping homes for a week or two. It will save you a bundle on lodging during your trip. Home Exchange is a very reputable site if you want to look into this option. If you can't find anyone to swap with, consider sites like Air BNB. Air BNB allows you to book someone else's home and is typically much cheaper than a hotel. The other lovely quality of staying in a home is that you can cook more meals and avoid eating out for every meal. Cooking your own food could be that one factor that really extends your budget.

If you are willing to search for opportunities to save money when you travel, you will find them. Utilize just one or several of the above tips, and travel the world for much less than the average traveler.

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