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How To Plan A Great New Year's Eve Party On A Budget

How To Plan A Great New Year's Eve Party On A Budget

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• Updated: July 13, 2018

If you’re not planning on visiting one of the top NYE destination spots,  you should consider throwing your own NYE party.  Throwing your own party might sound expensive, but trust us, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for a fancy dinner or attending a local event for the evening. Throwing a party can be affordable, just follow these 6 tips:

1. Limit Guest List

Holiday guest lists can get out of hand quickly if you’re not careful, and the more isn’t always the merrier if you’re on a budget. Try to limit your list and account for spouses and kids if they’re allowed. Keeping your guest list small is the key to staying on budget.  It’s also helpful to get your guests to RSVP, that way you don’t buy more than you need!

2. Recycle Decorations

Since New Year’s Eve is so close to Christmas, no one will bat an eye if you repurpose your Christmas decorations.  If you have extra lights and tinsel, you can hang them throughout the house for added sparkle.  If you’re looking for NYE themed decorations and party favors, check your local dollar or 99 cents stores. You can find decorations for almost every occasion and nothing is over a dollar!

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3.  BYO- Entertainment

If you and your friends are big gamers, suggest that they bring their favorite game over for the occasion. This will eliminate two problems, one you don’t need to buy any new board games, but also you know your friends will enjoy themselves since they picked the entertainment!

4. Pass on Entrees

Instead of making a big expensive meal, prepare small bites and side dishes. Don’t attempt a prime rib for your friends, they will be plenty content with a collection of hors d’oeuvres. It will be less expensive and people will undoubtedly continue to munch well into the early morning hours.  Additionally consider starting your party later in the evening, that way your guests will have more than likely already eaten dinner before they arrive.

5. DIY your Dessert

Having sweets available is definitely the signature to a great party. NYE is the last night before everyone starts dieting the next day, do they want to make it count. We suggest setting up a fondue bar with an assortment of items for dipping. From marshmallows to nuts your guest will love their DIY dessert station.  One other way to maximize your dollar is to capitalize on discount Christmas candy. All Christmas paraphernalia goes on sale the day after, so grab some green and red Hersey’s kisses to share at your NYE party!

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6. Dilute Alcohol with Mixers

Alcohol, without a doubt, is the most expensive part of every celebration. We suggest making an adult punch.  Mixing champagne or vodka with juice and soda will stretch the amount of alcohol you have to go around. Also, when you mix your alcohol you can skimp and get the cheaper options because it’s hidden by the delicious mixers of your choosing. Here are some of our favorite NYE punch recipes by Martha Stewart. It’s also perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to bring their drink of choice. We’re positive if everyone brings a bottle you’ll have more than enough booze for the night

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