What to Expect from the Chase Freedom® Mobile App

July 13, 2018

Everyone loves saving money, and the new Chase Freedom® Mobile App makes doing so easier than ever for Chase Freedom® Cardholders.

Understanding the App

Most people have rewards and coupons for each of the stores they shop at. The problem is keeping them organized, and remembering to use them. More often than not, the coupons end up expiring and people miss out on the savings. With the Chase Freedom® Mobile App, you can view, manage and redeem your rewards by simply having your smartphone in hand. Talk about convenience!

What You Need to Do

First, you need to be a Chase Freedom® cardholder and then download the app. When you visit places like Target, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, Gap, TGI Fridays, or any of the other 30 participating major merchants you are able to redeem the rewards you’ve been building on your Freedom® card. By becoming a Chase Freedom® card holder, you will automatically earn 1% cash back on your purchases, which you can use at any of the participating locations. In addition, Chase offers 5% cash back in rotating quarterly categories. For example from October to December this year, you will earn 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases.

With the Chase Freedom® Mobile App, you track your savings, manage your cash back categories and redeem rewards when you shop. When you want to use a reward you have earned, select it and a barcode will pop up which you can present to the cashier at the chosen location. The cashier then simply scans the barcode and you save money.

How Can You Benefit?

Who isn’t always looking for ways to earn, save, and get the most for your money? The Chase Freedom® mobile app allows you to do just that. With cash-back rewards available from 30 of the largest stores in the country, you can start saving right away. They make it easy to reap the benefits their card offers.

Install the App Today

Getting the app is easy. All you have to do is download it on your iPhone or Android device, there is no charge from Chase to do so.

Start Saving

The Chase Freedom® mobile app is free to have, there is no annual fee, and you will start earning cash-back reward bonuses right away. You can get rewards from stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and much more. Nice move Chase!

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