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Cash Back Credit Cards vs. Rewards Credit Cards

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So you're looking to put a new credit card into your wallet or purse. The good news is that there are dozens of credit card offers out there that can help you accomplish that goal. The bad news is many of them are so... Read More...
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How We Really Use Our Credit Cards

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You decide to participate in a government survey regarding your debt and credit card usage. Will you answer the survey questions honestly, or will you shade some of your answers when you're not proud of the truthful... Read More...

Getting A Credit Card Without A Social Security Number

By: Team
A Social Security Number (SSN) is one of the most basic forms of identification in the U.S. If you have no SSN or if you aren't eligible for one – for example, you are a recent immigrant to the U.S. – it can be... Read More...

Credit Card Pre-Qualification Vs. Pre-Approval

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Would you rather be pre-qualified for a credit card or be pre-approved? Are they the same thing? If not, what's the difference between the two?The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are differences.... Read More...
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5 Tips To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Quickly

By: Team
The average American household carries $16,883 in credit card debt, with the national consumer debt totaling a staggering $784 billion. While the road to living debt-free is not easy, it is not impossible,... Read More...
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How To Earn Air Miles Without Traveling

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Are you dreaming of a summer vacation but dreading the cost? Plane tickets are notoriously expensive, but thanks to frequent flyer miles, you can hop on a plane for practically free. And contrary to popular belief,... Read More...
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4 Common Budget Personalities: Which are you?

By: Team
Your personality impacts every aspect of your life, from where you live to who you hang out with to what you do for a living. Each and every one of us has a distinct way of doing something and budgeting is no... Read More...
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Hold the Phone! The Best Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

By: Team
Many of us love to travel, and nothing gets us more excited than the thrill of exploring exotic lands. When it goes right the memories we create are some of the most vivid and wonderful of our lives. When it goes... Read More...
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What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

By: Team
Your credit score is a generated number that reflects your credit history and reliability as a borrower. Based on how well you’ve repaid lines of credit, managed loans and handled other financial responsibilities... Read More...
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Will The New EMV Chip Credit Cards Change The Way You Tip?

By: Team
In the U.S. October 1st marked the official date new regulations are in effect for the new EMV chips embedded in credit and debit cards. In the last several months, banks and retailers have been busy trying to get as... Read More...
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5 U.S. Companies Who Help Pay for College Tuition

By: Team
With colleges across the country raising tuition at an alarming rate, a first-rate college education is no longer within the reach of millions of young Americans. Fortunately, some of America’s largest corporations... Read More...
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5 Toxic Money Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By: Team
One of the great joys of growing up is getting to the point where you eat mac & cheese because it sounds good and not because it’s all you can afford. Earning a steady paycheck is awesome. No need to scramble... Read More...