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Are Your Credit Card Rewards Worth the Fees?

By: Team
Consumers with excellent credit, regularly receive credit card offers that come with impressive rewards. When these perks are suited to your spending habits and can be exploited to their full potential, you’ll be... Read More...
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MasterCard vs Visa – Which Credit Card offers the Best Perks?

By: Team
You might be surprised to know that neither Visa nor MasterCard issue credit cards themselves. They only work as payment processing platforms. It is the banks that issue these cards that are responsible for... Read More...
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3 Legitimate Small Businesses You Can Start from Home

By: Team
You’ve probably come across websites attempting to sell you on the idea of various “make money online” programs. Truthfully? Most of those either aren’t legit or will cost you an arm and a leg to be successful. That... Read More...
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Is Mobile Banking Safe?

By: Team
Over the past few years, American consumers have come around to the advantages of mobile banking in record numbers. Recently, a major milestone was achieved when a majority of Americans reported that they use some... Read More...
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What Is More Important, Credit Score or Credit History?

By: Team
These days, having an open credit line available to use in an emergency or for a planned purchase is always helpful. Credit cards and open credit lines are a convenient way to pay for expenses such as car repairs,... Read More...
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Domestic Travel Destinations that Give You More Bang for Your Buck

By: Team
We'd all love to take a nice vacation from time to time. Unfortunately, many of the top tourist destinations aren’t affordable for the average folk. The good news is that’s not true for some incredible places right... Read More...
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What to Expect from Android Pay?

By: Team
The time has come for Android users to finally rejoice. It has been almost a year since Apple Pay debuted, but now Google is working on its version of the mobile payment system, which is referred to as ‘Android Pay’... Read More...
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Should Couples Share A Bank Account?

By: Team
Thirty years ago having joint bank and credit card accounts was fairly common.  Now, couples have a different approach when it comes to the commingling of individual funds.  Recent studies show that increasingly more... Read More...
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5 Tips To Protect Your Mobile Credit Card Data

By: Team
These days, it seems like we are constantly hearing about identity theft and security breaches. According to an Identity Fraud Study conducted by the Javelin Strategy & Research, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7... Read More...
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Everything you need to know about Apple Pay

By: Team
Last year, Tim Cook announced a revolutionary feature that would be included in all new iPhones. Since then, it has been enhanced several times with the launch of the Apple Watch and iOS9. This feature was promised... Read More...
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A Guide to Credit Card Practices around the World

By: Team
For those of us that grew up in the United States, it’s pretty easy to take the ubiquity of credit cards for granted. With hundreds of millions of credit cards in circulation, Americans charged more than $4 trillion... Read More...
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Smart Financial Habits to Build Wealth

By: Team
We all want to live comfortably without having to worry about our personal finances, and the easiest way to do this is to look closely at our spending habits. This may sound like a chore, but the good news is, it’s... Read More...