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Thanksgiving dinner

How to Save Money on Groceries During the Holidays

By: Team
The year is flying by so quickly, and in just a couple of months, the holidays will be here. At this time of year is when families get together and enjoy multiple holiday dinners and events. The average family spends... Read More...
Young couple managing money

6 Spending Mistakes You Need To Avoid Starting Today

By: Team
Learning how to manage your money is an essential financial skill that’s as important as the size of your salary. If you don’t master the art of money management, then the amount of money you earn each month is... Read More...
Identity theft with gloves and laptop

10 Warning Signs You Might Be An Identity Theft Victim

By: Team
Theft has always been a common problem, but with the increase of technology and use of credit and debit cards, identity theft is more present than ever. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17.6 million... Read More...
Retired golfing

Transitioning to Retirement - A Look at What You Need to Know

By: Team
Most people go their entire career thinking about retirement and just much how they will enjoy life when the time comes. But in order to truly appreciate all your years of hard work, it’s important to make sure... Read More...
Mature black couple

10 Most Affordable Places to Retire

By: Team
From sunny, tropical Florida to a historically significant city in Texas, America has plenty of cities that are quite inexpensive for retirees to settle and enjoy their golden years. Let’s take a look at the top 10... Read More...
Mature woman on swing

Are Your Credit Card Rewards Worth the Fees?

By: Team
Consumers with excellent credit, regularly receive credit card offers that come with impressive rewards. When these perks are suited to your spending habits and can be exploited to their full potential, you’ll be... Read More...
Visa v mastercard

MasterCard vs Visa – Which Credit Card offers the Best Perks?

By: Team
You might be surprised to know that neither Visa nor MasterCard issue credit cards themselves. They only work as payment processing platforms. It is the banks that issue these cards that are responsible for... Read More...
Mom working from home

3 Legitimate Small Businesses You Can Start from Home

By: Team
You’ve probably come across websites attempting to sell you on the idea of various “make money online” programs. Truthfully? Most of those either aren’t legit or will cost you an arm and a leg to be successful. That... Read More...
Mobile banking

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

By: Team
Over the past few years, American consumers have come around to the advantages of mobile banking in record numbers. Recently, a major milestone was achieved when a majority of Americans reported that they use some... Read More...
Credit history

What Is More Important, Credit Score or Credit History?

By: Team
These days, having an open credit line available to use in an emergency or for a planned purchase is always helpful. Credit cards and open credit lines are a convenient way to pay for expenses such as car repairs,... Read More...
Little girl swimming

Domestic Travel Destinations that Give You More Bang for Your Buck

By: Team
We'd all love to take a nice vacation from time to time. Unfortunately, many of the top tourist destinations aren’t affordable for the average folk. The good news is that’s not true for some incredible places right... Read More...
Double exposure man

What to Expect from Android Pay?

By: Team
The time has come for Android users to finally rejoice. It has been almost a year since Apple Pay debuted, but now Google is working on its version of the mobile payment system, which is referred to as ‘Android Pay’... Read More...