CreditCards.Org Posting Guidelines

CreditCards.Org encourages our users to share their opinions and personal experiences as long as it is done in a respectful and lawful manner. We strive to keep the discussion board free of spam, remain on topic and provide insightful comments. We do not compensate anyone for posting comments, and comments are not reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the card issuer. The card issuers do not assume responsibility and are not legally liable for comments made about their products. 

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We ask that users follow the below guidelines to ensure an ongoing, active and relevant conversation. We reserve the right to delete any comments and even block users who do not follow any of the guidelines.

The following is a list of unacceptable posts/comments that may be cause for deletion:
  • Use of offensive content related to race, gender, nationality, sexuality, religion, or politics.
  • Excessive profanity or obscene material
  • Spam
  • Posting for the sole purpose of self-promotion, solicitation, or advertising.
  • Posts completely unrelated to the current discussion
  • Posting of personal information. These will be removed for your own safety
  • Harassment or personal attacks towards those engaged in discussion
  • Comments/insults about spelling and grammar. It has nothing to do with the discussion and just creates meaningless posts that flood the discussion board
  • Excessive posts of the same content. We understand you want to be heard and get your word out there, but posting too frequently floods the message board.
  • Posting content or material you don’t own the rights to
  • Violating any law or regulation

Thank you for your involvement and effort to keep an active and open community.